Program Curriculum

The Executive MBA curriculum consists of 14 modules, spread over a 15-month period, conducted over 6 intensive 2-week residential segments. The modules offered are as follows:

Be an effective leader. Understand the challenges of leading and changing organisations.

Leading individuals, groups, and organisations effectively is key to managerial excellence. The objective of the module is to help you manage individuals and groups for high performance by increasing your understanding of individual and interpersonal behaviour. It provides you with conceptual knowledge on group dynamics and helps you understand the challenges of leading and changing organisations.
Make the right move at the right time. Be equipped with tools of strategic analysis.

The module focuses on the concept of strategy, and examines how firms achieve, sustain, and renew competitive advantage, and what roles managers play in this process. The course covers the basic frameworks and tools of strategic analysis, which lay the foundations of strategic thinking and which have been shaped by the dominant strategy theories developed over the last two decades.
Take advantage of available company data to come up with better, sounder business decisions!

Analytics is the art and science of looking into data to learn about what worked in the past, to improve the present, and to plan the future. This module will educate participants on the value of carrying out, implementing, and promoting analytics at the workplace. Competency will be developed in prescriptive analytics such as decision trees, optimization models, regression models, and time-series models.
Can your business idea succeed?

This course exposes students to a rigorous foundation in theoretical and behavioural microeconomics, game theory, and industrial organization with their applications, its main objective being to develop one
This program offers so much more than executive level curriculum. It offers a perspective from world class professors and practitioners. This experience has been enriching beyond the dollar value, time, or energy invested. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking to expand their horizons and push themselves to new intellectual boundaries.
American, Class of 2016
Head of Enterprise, HK & SEA
Linkedin Marketing Solutions, Singapore