Academic Matters
The entire program is taught by the same award-winning UCLA Anderson School of Management and NUS Business School faculty who teach in the schools’ other MBA programs.

The calendar for the UCLA – NUS Executive MBA program consists of six intensive two-week segments. Modules are conducted in residence at NUS in Singapore and UCLA in Los Angeles, and in Shanghai, Bangalore and New Delhi. Each segment consists of three course modules. There are usually case studies, readings, quizzes, and/or assignments that participants will have to prepare for and work on in the evenings. Company visits, roundtable and panel discussions, and distinguished guest speakers also are scheduled throughout. Click here to view a typical two-week segment.

The UCLA – NUS Executive MBA program is demanding and rigorous. It employs the same faculty base, applies the same rigorous grading standards, and provides the same MBA degrees as each school’s other MBA programs (full-time, fully-employed and executive programs). However, the content has been adjusted to include more global issues and strategies to serve a participant population that has far more global management experience and leadership potential. Unlike traditional Executive MBA programs which usually have a regional draw, the flexibility and innovative format of the UCLA – NUS Executive MBA program attracts participants from around the globe.

Some professors assign pre-module assignments, some assign post-module assignments – these may be individual or group-based. One or more exams during the two-week segment are common. Class participation also is an important factor. The exact weight of each of these items will be determined by the professor for each course module. This all depends on the course and the instructor, based on what is appropriate for the topic. Some courses are more exam-based, while others require term papers. Typically, class participation makes up 20 to 40% of the final grade depending on the particular course module. The UCLA – NUS Executive MBA program requires both verbal and analytical skills.

Yes. Case studies are employed along with other teaching techniques such as analytical methods, simulations and conceptual tools from economics, statistics, behavioral sciences, and other academic disciplines.

All six residential segments must be attended and completed in order to graduate. In rare situations, if participants are unable to attend one residential segment they must join the next incoming class and wait until the following year to attend the next segment and graduate. This is not recommended and is at the discretion of the Executive MBA program’s Academic Directors.

The UCLA – NUS Executive MBA is a part-time, 15 months dual degree program offered by both UCLA Anderson School of Management (University of California, Los Angeles) and NUS Business School (National University of Singapore). The program is conducted in an innovative format that consists of 6 intensive sessions, 2 weeks each, at 3-month intervals. Course modules are held in 4-5 different cities in 4 countries: two sessions in Singapore, two in Los Angeles, one in Shanghai, and one in Bangalore and New Delhi. It is a general management curriculum with 3 course modules per session. At the end of the program, participants graduate with two MBA degrees, one from UCLA and one from NUS.

There is no minimum age requirement but there is a minimum level of work experience. The average age of participants in the Executive MBA program is 38 and the average number of years work experience is 14.5 years. We also take into consideration the quality of the candidate’s work experience and focus on their ability to contribute to classroom discussion. Please visit Class Profile for more details on the background of class participants.

Although each applicant will be assessed on his and her unique qualities, some characteristics that the admissions committee looks for in a UCLA – NUS Executive MBA applicant include: - Minimum of 10 years work experience - Motivation, enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity and commitment to assure success in an intellectually challenging global learning endeavor - Quantitative aptitude and the intellectual ability to complete a rigorous graduate management degree program required by UCLA and NUS - Strongly proficient in English (written and spoken) - A clear understanding of the effort and commitment required to succeed in the program. <br For a more detailed outline of the school’s admissions policy, visit the Admissions page for more information.

Yes, certainly. We have a list of willing participants and alumni who have volunteered to talk with interested candidates. If you would like to get in touch with any of our previous participants, contact the Program Manager at the contact below: Program Manager UCLA – NUS Executive MBA Program Office NUS Business School | National University of Singapore Mochtar Riady Building, Level 4 15 Kent Ridge Drive Singapore 119245 Phone: (+65) 6516 1351 Fax: (+65) 6775 9097 Email:

The transfer of credits from any other institution is not accepted due to the unique design of the curriculum of this program.

Yes. An admission interview is required as part of the application process. Upon receipt of your complete application, the UCLA – NUS Executive MBA Program Office will contact you to schedule a personal interview. This provides prospective candidates the opportunity to elaborate on and personalize their application. Admissions interviews are conducted by NUS and can be in person or by telephone for those applicants residing outside Singapore.

No, all modules are taught “face-to-face” by UCLA Anderson School of Management and NUS Business School faculty.

The first difference is that participants in the UCLA – NUS Executive MBA program do not need to stop working to earn their MBA degree and do not need to live locally. The innovative program structure allows participants to attend from all over the world. It is ideal for executives who travel extensively and cannot attend weekend programs. Click here to view the program structure. Second, the class profile of the Executive MBA program is significantly more senior, with more extensive business experience than in traditional full-time MBA programs. Learning from other senior peers is a core part of the value proposition of this EMBA program.

Career Management Services
Yes. All participants and alumni have access to both schools’ career management services. UCLA Anderson School of Management and NUS Business School provide dedicated and customized career services to UCLA – NUS Executive MBA participants. These services are specifically aimed at upper mid- and senior-level career professionals and directly address the skills needed to enable UCLA – NUS Executive MBA participants to develop lifelong career management skills and take control of their career trajectory. Click here to view the career services available.

All participants have access to a dedicated career coach available for confidential, one-on-one career counseling. Assistance is provided through: - Self-assessment, including Career Leader - Industry and job function overviews - Career management strategy (e.g., job targeting, career management plan development) - Skill development (e.g., resume writing, networking) - Career advancement strategies (for leveraging the MBA degree in one’s current organization). - Career workshops also are provided. In addition a variety of web-based career management resources, job portals and networking events are available. Current participants and alumni enjoy immediate access to both UCLA Anderson School of Management and NUS Business School’s online alumni directories, two powerful resources for job searching and connecting with alumni both locally and globally. With numerous search options available, these alumni directories are two of the Executive MBA’s most important networking resources.

To maximize delivery of the programme experience online, the Program Office has arranged virtual hackathons, company visits, and invited speakers from various geographical regions and industries to share their experiences, insights and perspectives on today’s most challenging business topics. While the virtual experience is not intended to fully replace the physical experience, it does provide other benefits that f2f experience may not be able to offer, for example access to certain types of content that are better delivered virtually, or speakers who would not otherwise be able to participate f2f. Online networking among participants is highly encouraged, and has become the norm.

The destinations for the residential segments have been carefully curated as part of the program design, to best represent the breadth and nuances of the different economies, business and cultures between the East and the West. The list of destinations may be adjusted, as the Program Office deem necessary.

The fees remain competitive under current circumstances.

No, the tuition fee is billed to the student’s name. Kindly contact the Program Office directly should you have any issues on this.

The UCLA – NUS Executive MBA program is designed for senior working professionals with a good track record of achievements and demonstrated leadership ability. The program attracts participants from all over the world with a wide range of cultural, professional, academic and personal backgrounds. Participants’ backgrounds include areas such as finance, law, engineering, sales, marketing and operations. We also have a number of entrepreneurs and participants from the public sector.

Yes, all enrolled participants will receive an “e-mail-for-life” account from both schools, which can be used not only during the program but also following graduation.

The entire program is taught by the UCLA Anderson School of Management and NUS Business School faculty members.