Our Ambassadors

“Large diversity of people and cultures from 19 different nationalities working around the globe with very different educational backgrounds and vast work experience in different industry segments – that is truly called diversity and makes this program so unique. The sharing of professional experiences with my class peers and a course outline focusing on the Asian market helps me broaden my view and understand businesses in Asia”

Marc Kleiner Sernrot | Swiss
Class of 2013
Country CFO of ABB Ltd, Taiwan


Our Ambassadors

Ryan Tan

Vice President, M&A, Corporate Planning
The structure of the programme allowed the class to benefit from the networks of both institutions - UCLA to the West Coast technology scene, and NUS to the Asia-Pacific region. The global curriculum and study locations reinforced these with real-life and academic knowledge. This brought out practical and highly applicable learning points.


Managing Director
Accenture, Singapore
The format is right with the well-thought approach of two weeks every quarter in 6 different locations. We had assignments and reading in between but it allowed us to effectively balance our work with the learning. I was highly interested in a business and technology intersection to the program, and the schools brought the best of this from Asia and USA together.

The candidates of the program is a well-balanced and diverse group – I have learnt as much from my classmates’ experiences and perspectives, as I have from the excellent and truly top-class Faculty from both schools. The program places significant importance in interaction with C-level industry captains through client-visits and case-study driven learning, and this combines both a practitioner element with the academic focus on the program. All of us really bonded as life-long friends. Proud to be a member of the Alumni of both Universities.


Manager Port & NPI Engineering, Iron Ore
BHP Billiton, Australia
A truly life changing experience. The combination of content, faculty and an incredibly diverse cohort combined with international business exposure has fundamentally changed my perspective on the global economy and my part in it.”


Senior Americas Region Strategy & Business Planning Manager
Toyota Financial Services, USA
Aside from being two top ranked universities, the UCLA – NUS EMBA offered exactly what an executive like myself was looking for: diverse backgrounds, global experiences, exchanges of lessons learned. In addition, the six segments (two weeks each) allowed me to balance work and family time. What a perfect formula.


Managing Director, Operations
FedEx Express, China
The program has a good mix of theory and experiential learning. The class discussions were intellectually stimulating. The diversity of the class was certainly a plus, with no lack of creative thinking and differing perspectives. The friendships formed are invaluable.


Managing Director
Panasonic Corporation, Singapore
Each of the two-weeks segments in four different countries was an enlightening journey with 40 other wonderful business leaders from such diverse backgrounds. This incredible cultural immersion experience made me realize what it really means to think out of the box, leading me to an entirely new perspective on how to do business differently in traditional Japanese corporate settings.


Senior QS Manager, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
Boston Scientific Pte Ltd, Singapore
UCLA – NUS EMBA is an exceptional program, providing extensive knowledge and experiences in a number of disciplines critical to business and management success. The members of the class come from a wide range of countries and backgrounds; this makes discussions interesting and lively and enhances my way of thinking.


Director Of Manufacturing Operations
No better way to expand your global business experience, build meaningful relationships, and challenge yourself intellectually. Get ready to embark on a journey that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


V.P. Sales & Marketing
Harris Woolf Almond Company
The UCLA-NUS EMBA has changed the way I think and behave in business. I joined in order to strengthen my understanding of quantitative business concepts and further sharpen my ability to connect with people from varied backgrounds. The diverse academic and cultural opportunities that are presented while attending each unique session abroad are exclusive to this program. Not enough can be said however of your classmates and the role that they play in your experience - not only your time spent studying, but socially, where connections can help us further understand that the future of the global economy is dependent on our ability to connect with each other on a deeper, more empathetic level..


Vice President Ground Experience Development
Singapore Airline
The UCLA-NUS EMBA program delivered the perfect balance in terms of academic rigour and experiential learning. Each two-week segment was thoughtfully designed, and offered myriad opportunities for the class to interact with various thought leaders and captains of industry outside the classroom. The world class faculties from both universities, together with the rich diversity of the class, made for an exhilarating and rewarding learning journey.

In this UCLA – NUS EMBA program, I gained tremendous knowledge of many facets of business. I have learned a great deal not only from dedicated faculties, but also from talented and diverse cohorts who came from different cultures and professional background. I particularly value the unique experience of working in management practicum project which challenged me to formulate a business strategy to solve a real business problem. This project requires me to view the problem the way the company does, and figure out a unique solution to it
Director of HR & Corporate Services
Deputy President Director
Pt. Vale Indonesia, Tbk